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High Vacuum Distillation Technology

Salient Features

  • State-of-art and heavily configured
  • In-house design and engineering
  • HETP (height equivalent of theoretical plates) up to 96
  • Comprehensive designs with feed vessels, pre-distillation (flash) for solvents, pre-heaters, condensers, mist eliminators, and receivers
  • Thin film and short path distillation in series or parallel
  • Provision for continuous processing in each distillation technology
  • Dedicated and separate oil heaters / circulation units for pre-distillation, pre-heating, and actual distillation
  • Controlled and monitored on a DCS automation platform
  • SS skid based and completely modular engineering


  • R&D
  • Pilot plant
  • Manufacturing (1000’s MT per year)

Temperature, °C

  • up to 350 °C


  • down to 0.1 mm Hg

Vacuum Pump Systems

  • Water jet ejectors
  • Steam jet ejectors (single / double / triple stage)
  • Dry vacuum pumps (triple stage)

Material of Construction

  • SS316 columns with SS316 structured packing
  • MS glass lined columns with ceramic structured packing

Distillation Technology

  • Conventional / rectification / fractional distillation
  • Thin film / wiped film distillation
  • Short path distillation
  • Continuous distillation columns
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