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Continuous Reaction Technology

Salient Features

  • State-of-art and heavily configured
  • Static and dynamic mixing elements in all reactors
  • In-house design and engineering
  • Interconnectivity in all equipments for a truly continuous process
  • Controlled and monitored on a DCS automation platform
  • SS skid based and completely modular engineering


  • R&D (quick screening)
  • Pilot plant
  • Manufacturing (1000’s MT per year)


  • Ambient to 20 bar

Temperature, °C

  • -80 ℃ to 300 ℃

Material of Construction

  • SS316
  • Hastealloy-C
  • Graphite
  • PTFE
  • Glass

Continuous Reaction Regimes

  • Gas-gas
  • Gas-liquid
  • Liquid-liquid
  • Liquid-solid
  • Solid-solid
  • Gas-liquid-solid

Continuous Reaction Technology

  • Continuous stirred tank reactors (CSTRs)
  • Meso-scale plug flow reactors
  • Plug flow reactors (tubular reactors)
  • Scraped tubular reactors
  • Reaction mixing pumps
  • Oscillating tubular reactors
  • Fixed bed reactors
  • Shell / tube heat exchangers as reactors

Continuous Downstream Technology

  • Continuous liquid liquid extractors (LLEs, co-current and counter-current)
  • Continuous phase separators
  • Continuous crystallizers
  • Continuous distillation (conventional, thin film, short path)
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