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Lead Software Developer / Sr. Software Developer

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The Senior Programmer / Developer is responsible to:

  1. Manage and deliver projects from conceptualization / visualization to technology mapping and final execution including scope / change requests.
  2. Define, develop, and document software business requirements, objectives, deliverable, and specifications on a project-by-project basis in collaboration with internal users / team.
  3. Analyse and assess existing business systems and procedures.
  4. Pilot testing, researching end-users for insight on functionality, interface, problems, and/or usability issues, and ability to conduct research into software-related issues and products.
  5. Recommend, schedule, and perform software improvements and upgrades.
  6. Supervise, delegate, mentor, and provide technical guidance / support to the junior programmers / developers / designers / SEO / SEM team including working with them to finalize the DB schema.
  7. Interact with team to create technical specifications from business & functional requirements.
  8. Improve the technical competence of the team through continuous training & development.
  9. Review & improve code, performance, stability, and scalability of deliverables.
  10. Monitor development & unit-testing activities and report project progress
  11. Optimally utilise the available resources.
  12. Liaise with vendors for efficient implementation of new software products or systems and for resolution of any adaptation issues.
  13. Generate statistics and reports to management on the status of the programming process.
  14. Develop and maintain user manuals and guidelines.
  15. Any other responsibilities as directed by any Higher Officials.



  1. Need to consult with COO / Managing Director / Joint Director
  2. Need to have smooth contacts with all Customers, Staff Members and External Advisors
  3. Need to attend periodical Performance Improvement Meetings as required
  4. Daily structured reporting to Managing Director



  1. While dealing with Customers and Staff Members, they may expect their problems to be solved immediately and the challenge is to manage their expectations.
  2. Need to effectively communicate developments and problems identified to the respective staff and authorities in such a way that they will not become defensive and are receptive to suggestions.
  3. Sensitive to needs and expectations of superior / colleagues / subordinates who are of different backgrounds.



  1. Extensive knowledge of software development and its technologies.
  2. Strong knowledge of JavaScript, C++, PHP, and SQL; coding; user interfaces; HTML and web frameworks.
  3. Updated with industry trends and technology developments.
  4. Hands-on experience in research methodology, statistical analysis, operation research, and pilot testing.
  5. Knowledge of applicable data privacy practices and laws.
  6. Proven supervisory skills, interpersonal and communication skills, managing time, analytical skills, problem-solving skills, effectively prioritise and execute tasks in a high-pressure environment.
  7. Ability to work both independently and in a team-oriented, collaborative environment.
  8. B.Tech. IT / B.E. CS qualified
  9. M.Tech. / M.E. / M.B.A. / M.C.A. qualification is a plus