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Research Chemist / Executive

Vacancy in Research and Development department to have good knowledge in Organic Chemistry and well versed with different chemicals

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Job Responsibility

Actively involved in feasibility, process optimisation and laboratory scale up, cost reduction, prepartion and isolation of impurities, purification by recrystallisation, salt formation, fractional distillation, high vacuum distillation and column chromatography.
Scaling up and technology transfer to plant for production.
Result interpretation of GC, HPLC, NMR, IR & other routine analytical analysis.
Name reactions handled such as a Suzuki coupling, buchwald harrowing reaction. Witting reaction, Acid Amine coupling reaction performed such as protection - De protection, bromination, Chlorination, Swern Oxidation, Stille reaction, Nitration etc.
Having good knowledge of Chemisty.
good knowledge and hands of expirence of chemicals, solvents, instruments as well as glass ware to be used in chemical industries.
Able to explain coupling reactions, catalytic Hadrogenation, oxidation, protection of groups and condensation reactions.
Knowledge about reaction mechanisms, chemical properties, safe handling of chemicals and their deprotections.
Experienced in Hazardous chemicals and their handling, precautions, risk factor, safety as well as decomposition of chemicals.
Working experience on micro scale as well as large scale projects.
Manage , maintain records and co-ordinate for all R&D activities.
Exhibit innovative approach to achieving project activities by taking inputs from team members and following the instructions.
Maintain accurate records of all work carried out and suggest patent protection as required.
Should perform experiments meticulously
Conduct experiments as planned and ensure gathering proper data on custom synthesis, analytical developments, impurity profile etc.
To ensure that a quality system is established implemented and maintained in accordance with the ISO 9001 quality management system standards.
To ensure that information security management system is established, implemented and maintained in accordance with the ISO 27001 standards.
To follow all ISMS policy.
Review and develops reports and documents detailing project processes, results, and conclusions; leads or performs additional research as required.
Support daily report – product summary, chemicals, expected results, operational workup.
Responsible for conducting technical review of literature , providing feedback and collating all relevant data required for conducting experiments  successfully.
Responsible for setting up R&D equipment for all projects
Conduct experiments as planned and ensure gathering proper data on custom synthesis, analytical developments, impurity profile etc .
Overall day to day management of R&D projects activities such as Process development / optimization / Yield improvement / cost reduction / analytical developments/ support to registration activities for various chemicals, Intermediates, formulations and specialty products.
Vendor development and evaluating commercial aspects with cost effectiveness of the material that is to be procured through purchase.
Ensuring maintenance of data for implementation and certification for systems like USFDA, GMP, CGMP, GLP , ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001 OSHAS.